Rehabilitation therapy program

You will also be provided with a rehabilitation therapy program (as shown in the video above). This will be a home-based program that you will perform daily for approximately 30 minutes for 12 weeks, then 3 times per week for the remainder of the study (40 weeks). Each home-based therapy session will involve (i) application of a heat pack for 10 minutes, followed by (ii) self-mobilisation of the big-toe joint for 2 minutes, (iii) toe strengthening exercises for 3 minutes and concluding with (iv) application of a cold pack for 10 minutes. If you have pain in both big-toe joints, both feet can be treated.

You will be provided with all necessary equipment, along with an instruction booklet, so that the exercise program can be performed unsupervised at home. After the 12 week review appointment, you will be telephoned at monthly intervals as a reminder to perform the rehabilitation therapy.

Shoe inserts
Because two treatments are being compared in this study, you will be randomly allocated to receive one of two types of shoe insert treatments.

If you have pain in one big-toe joint you will receive a single shoe insert. If you have pain in both big-toe joints, you will receive a pair of shoe inserts.

You will be required to wear the allocated shoe insert(s) for the study duration (52 weeks). You will be supplied with a pamphlet that will provide instructions for adjusting to and caring for the shoe inserts.

Once the study is completed, you will be offered the alternative treatment if it is shown to be a more effective treatment than the one that you received.

treatments used in this study


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